My Visit for Pacemaker Check.

Ed and I had to report mid-morning for the pacemaker check which happens every three months. It is important. My pacemaker has 6 years left on it. It had that much time left last time. The technician, nurse knew the right answers and she typed up her report hurriedly. We were pit the door in minutes. I believe my next appointment is in June.

I have been feeling funny today. My energy level was lower. I had to take some strong pills this week to get over the allergic reaction to the dye. I guess I will feel the difference when I am no longer taking these pills. They were programmed out for me for several days.

I believe I am getting better. It has turned warmer, and it is beautiful, and still cool here. Have a wonderful day, and if you need to nap, do it. Smile.


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