I Have Learned to Like Salmon.

I have learned to like Salmon. We get it for lunch when we go to the country. I love to order Ranch Dressing to go on my Salmon. It takes a , few minutes to get the Ranch, but I put a little on the top of the baked salmon. It makes all the difference in the world to me. It adds taste, and moisture. I never try the butter on the Salmon. It is available in melted state, but I am off as much fat as possible….except occasionally to have ice cream!

Salmon is good for you, and it is nicer when served at the restaurant. I never see the white that happens when I cook it in my oven. The white is something that comes as the fish cooks, but I don’t know why it comes. I have to scrape it off the fish, if it happens in my oven. So we eat fish elsewhere, and usually daily for less than you can buy it in the store. Really. 16 dollars for two at Logan’s. There I gave you the name of the place that fixes it. Other restaurants do fish also, and I love their fish also, but Logan’s usually has a deal for two. At times we have saved more by buying four meals, and taking one home, than to buy from the regular menu. We get the two for so much deal.


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