I Am Good for Three, More, Months. Pacemaker check.

Ed, and I weighed me on the doctor’s scales after we left the room where the nurse did the computer test on my pacemaker. I lay down, and she put the tiny, instrument over my heart. It gave plenty of information that she typed on my new, page. I go in every three months, and this is my second, pacemaker. My new one was inserted in 2015, and this one will last for another 6, years. I am happy that I won’t have to go through this operation for that many more years. I believe the Pacemaker has changed my lifestyle. The procedure for changing out the pacemaker is simple, and an overnight stay to watch for 23 hours. The rest of the time healing is at home.

I have more energy, and usually I don’t nap in the afternoons. I can stay up all day without napping, and I stay busy most of the time. I feel the pacemaker has given me a chance not to worry about my heart. Before, I was having to lie down , and my heart rate would either go real high, or stay real low. With the high rate, I had to go home, instead of stay at school where I taught. I had to be taken home, and someone else drove my car one time. When I told my doctor that I had rapid heart beat on the freeway, he insisted on putting in the new pacemaker. That was in 2009. That same year, my husband had a 5 bypass operation on his heart..

We learned to eat right. By this I mean, we don’t eat much beef. We were beef eaters. I have gradually lost weight since that time, and I try to keep it off. We eat pork, and usually we eat three, times a day. Fish is one of the main meats we eat, and we have learned to go out for fish instead of eating it at home. I know it is good from our oven, but there is something about sitting down to Salmon for a rate that is cheaper than you can buy it, and bake it.




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