I am Feeling Better.

I try to eat right, but I don’t always. Tonight we had a simple meal, and I am full. I go to the heart doctor tomorrow for the three check up. There have been a few changes, but I am healthy. I have been trying to eat three. meals a day, and to eat good, meals when I do. At times they are smaller. Popcorn is a treat some days, but not always.

We are home, resting, and hoping to retire to bed earlier tonight.I haven’t been out until today, since Wednesday. I stayed home, and part of what I did was just what I needed to do. I rested both in the Lord, and prayed, studied, and fellowship. I am a prayer warrior type, and I feel led to continue it. In order to do this, I may be at home more, not less. I also clean the house, and put in washes, which are coming along. I try to keep up, but as I get older, it is a big job at times.

I believe it is better to find time with the Lord, and make sure I am right with Him, than to get in the flow of things at the church without having done this. We live in an awesome time. This weekend will be the last of the yard sales. I hope to be there without having to recover from any fever. I stayed in this week because of a low fever. I believe we have to have common sense, but when the weather is going Spring, all of us are affected. Smile. I don’t mind the nice weather.



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