via Daily Prompt: Conquer

I taught all ages when I tutored for a special company. We had little ones, and older ones. Often I was told to take the elementary age students. One day I explained about how to have a smile on your face, and in your heart.

“We must conquer our fear of people”, I said. The little boy needed more explanation, and I told him about what is in his heart. ” God sees your heart. Let him give you a smile that will stay in your heart. You will conquer your fears this way.”

That little boy caught on to what I was saying, because he was given to bad moods, and many fears. I gave him encouragement that day, and it replaced his fears. Really, he was confident right away.

What we say to little ones will go with them forever. Conquer the fear or the anger with God’s help, and tell them God is watching. Tell them about the angels that follow those who love, and serve God.
It is an awesome thing to see a child conquer his fear. It is more awesome to see him smile, and catch on. Eventually the boy and his family were gone, but I believe he grew up with a smile on his face and he learned to conquer his fears.



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