The Dryer Dries Faster.

Ed found water the line under the house that goes to the dryer. It was taking a long time to dry clothes. I would hang them up, and dry for a little while. Well, now that he has fixed the hose to the dryer, we can dry clothes twice, or three, times in a short amount of time. Two, hours is as profitable as taking them to the laundry mat now. So I have put in several washes to catch up.

Isaac was able to help with this computer so I can type, and check my blog. We have 764 followers as of today. Wow! Rubies Corner’s blog keeps growing. I haven’t been on as much because I have been ill, and I couldn’t stay on long.

Our yard sale is tomorrow at the church. It will be indoors. We have multitudes of things to show and sell, and people come to meet us and to buy what we have. Most of the items have been scrubbed before being out on the tables. It is the most organized sale you will have been to, and the place is warmer, or dry when it is Winter, or  rainy.

I made custard again. I used Isaac’s cartons of cream that he had for some reason. It makes richer custard. I still heat the milk, and then pour the eggs into it and stir quickly. The nutmeg helps with the custard. I love nutmeg, and Isaac has the kind that you scrap. It is the real nutmeg! By the time we have eaten the meal, I have custard for my family. It takes about an hour, and I put it in the oven with the other things that are baking. I warms to house to run the oven. We cook a good meal on Wednesday night, and then coast on this for most of the rest of the week.

Praise God!! Rubies Corner’s blog is growing!


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