Thank you for Coming By Rubies Corner’s Blog.

It is encouraging to see this blog grow a little more. I wait some days and weeks for the numbers to move up. Today, and yesterday, it moved again. I am so thankful for the followers who have come to encourage, and to read what I have to say. I am profoundly Christian. I don’t write enough about being a Christian, but I do write about daily life, and Christ is a daily part of my life.

I am not religious, but I do know the Lord as my personal Savior, and I do trust in Him completely. I have been praying about what the Lord wants me to do with the rest of my life. I don’t know how long this will be, but I have given my life to Him, and I think He knows what the future holds for me. I plan to keep writing on Word Press, on Rubies Corner’s Blog. If you decide not to follow, I am sure there is a reason. Maybe I am too, slow, or I get to saying the same things over. I have had a fever with the allergic reaction I had to the dye when I had the scan. I don’t know why the fever came. I will be checking into these things, but think about it. I have been through several tests this week, and I came back unharmed. I will know to tell them I can have no more dye. Thank you for your prayers.


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