My Response to the Daily Prompt: Controversy.

via Daily Prompt: Controversy

Some flamboyant,person can be hired on staff, and begin to start a controversy as to whether she should stay on staff. She is rude, crude, and beautiful. She loves men whether they have a band on their hand or not. She does what she wants, because she has much pride in her beauty. Everywhere she goes, she has caused a controversy.

One such student left the school I attended, and she was always a controversy with her liberal values, and ways. She chose to be my friend, and then I was part of the controversy. Then she left as suddenly as I found her, and she didn’t return for a full semester to our school. When she came back, she found me, and because I was her friend, I was part of the stirring controversy about her.

She didn’t fit in any part of our school society. When the Science class knew she was returning, everyone said to me, “You can befriend her, but don’t look to us for help. ”

I believeĀ  controversy is good for the soul. God raises up a leader, who no one thought would be what he is…….we need to stop the controversy, and start praying for him. I believe we fail to see the light because of our pride.

When a President is elected , then our duty before God is to pray for the man. Stop the criticism. He comes with much controversy. The people elected him fair,and square. Stop talking about him, and giving such a,hard,time. Maybe God answered our prayers. This man needs to run the nation like Standard Oil, and he will. He has courage,and grit. I believe, when we elect someone, we must stop the comments, and let him lead. Pray for him by all means!


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