More on What I know.# 3

My dryer has cooperated beautifully, today. I have washed clothes, and dried them today. They are coming out of the dryer quicker, because Ed fixed the exhaust part of the dryer. He added a new silver, hose, and got rid of the other one. It had trapped water in it. You never know until you go look yourself at the problem yourself.

The repairman would not look at the dryer hose under the house. Ed paid him for what he did for the dryer, and then he went under, and changed out the dryer hose. Voila! The dryer works, where it was taking 2 hours to get them maybe warm. Now it works wonders!

Ah! Makes me want to preach about life, and how we need to get the trapped things out of us so we can function in the Power of the Holy Spirit. Things that block the Holy Spirit may be jealousy, bitterness, rages, anger, pride, and manipulation. It may be from not dealing with a negative, spirit, or meanness coming at us. We have to confess to being stubborn with God. Lying is not what God wants from us. Coming to His  light, and to the truth will help you get free inside, and the blood of Jesus Christ covers us when we repent.

God’s children get polished by rubbing against each other,  as jewels. If you aren’t being polished, then you aren’t shining. It is hard to be polished, but then we shine, because we are full of humility, and the Lord. His light shines on the darkness, and His Word will penetrate inside you if you let it cut what doesn’t need to be there. The Word of God sets you free.  

I believe when we pick up the Word of God, and use it in our praying that it adds fuel to the fire of the Lord.

We need to be quickened in our minds by the Word of God that comes fresh, daily.

I believe in hiding the Word in my heart, so I won’t sin against God. When I do sin, then I receive His forgiveness, and there should be no, condemnation when I have truly repented. All of us are sinners.  We are cleansed by the blood of Jesus Christ which covers our sins.

We repent, and He covers. Repentance happens because someone has prayed that we would see our sin like God sees it. I believe when we repent of our own sin, that is remarkable.

I believe pointing the finger at someone else makes us see your self in control and on the throne. Humility comes when we allow the Holy Spirit to deal with us, and we turn from our wicked ways. All of us are sinners. I believe hardness of heart comes from dealing with those who have treated us wrongfully. God says to forgive them. Let it go, and quit having a pity, party over what someone did to you.

Stand up, and forgive them in Jesus name, and give them to God. Mean it, and see what God will do without one word that you have spoken to them. God knows His own kids. He gives us rest when we are weary..Bitterness, anger, and going the wrong way down a one way street will get you in trouble, and cause you to be totally unhappy. I believe burdens from the Lord are light. I believe in knowing God, and talking daily to Him.


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