I Have Been Washing , Ironing, and Steaming!

I have been washing, ironing, and steaming coats, jackets and what ever needs attention. Now I am taking a quick break. It is nearly 8:00 P.M. I suppose it will be time for supper, and I have nothing ready. I personally had soup today for lunch, and I am not very hungry. I know by the time I serve supper, I will want to eat again. It is been a rather odd day today.

Isaac makes home-made caramel, and leaves it for anyone who wants to get into it. He will make a chocolate topping, and send these candies to his two aunts. They get the treats frequently, and they love this kind of fresh candy. If you haven’t tasted fresh caramel, you should make some. Really. It is soft, chewy, but does not stick to your teeth. It doesn’t pull on your fillings either. It is fresh caramel that makes the difference. I don’t think I will buy caramel again. Isaac pours it out on a baking sheet, and it gets a little thick. It sets up better than fudge.

I do love the idea of having fresh fudge when I have lost a few more pounds…like 60! I have been busy since I ate, so I should be fine weight wise. It is easy to gain weight with Isaac’s sweet tooth on a cooking spree.


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