I Don’t Write to Please. Some posts will be longer. This might be one of those. What I know, #4.

When I put my hands on the keys, I know what I will be writing about, and as I begin, the words usually flow through my fingers. I have no, regrets to what I say, because most of the time, the words are there as I type. They are just there. I write with freedom, and liberty, and much care. I pray over this blog, because I know that I can make the wrong statement, and the stats will drop. So far they are hanging in there. I have taken something off this blog because I didn’t think I needed to leave them on the blog. This is my opinion, and I removed them.

I write from my heart, and many times I lay awake praying for this blog, and what I will say. I take it as a task that God lets me have, and I enjoy writing to my audience. I believe in expressing my thoughts with the kindness, and gentleness of the Lord. I believe He says things, and people are sitting in silence. I believe God wants us to listen to Him, more than to self which loves to talk to us.

This year is certainly going by quickly. We are approaching the last weeks of March. My birthday was at the first of last month, and frankly, I haven’t taken down the balloons that Ed, and Isaac gave me . I have in the later part of my life. Recently I have been praying about what God wants me to do with the rest of my life.

Seldom do I ask this, but it is there, and I have been asking. I don’t get a reply, so I do what I know to do. I study the Word, and read it through as much as I can. After I read the rest of Acts, today, I will have finished the New testament again, and I will be focusing on finishing the Old Testament for the 9th round. I believe God has giving me the will to read the Word all the way through. If I finish this year, I will have read the Bible two times in one year. I don’t race, because that isn’t what I should do.

I study the Word, because God encourages us to study it in 2 Timothy 2:15. I believe God has a 2wonderful plan for us. Seeking His face will give us answers to our questions.  Mine is still, “Father what do you want me to do with the rest of my life?”

I believe I was made to worship the Lord, and to glorify Him. I believe this is my focus which I will continue until I finish my life here, and go on to be with Him. May God give me wisdom, and may my mouth stay shut until the times when He wants me to speak up. I have today.


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