What I Really Think.

I believe if you are having all kinds of troubles at home, that maybe you need to take time to personally kneel to Christ in every room of your home. When we don’t pray over our home, and we watch television, and read when we what to, and what we want, at times things start gathering that don’t profess Christ like we do. If you know Christ then, there will be a time when you need to pray over your home, and driveway, and mailbox. Your property belongs to the Lord, but take authority over it.

In the prayer you say, “Father I bow my knees to you in Jesus name. I plead the blood of Christ over this room, and I give it to You in Jesus name. May the Holy Spirit have liberty in this kitchen, den,( or whatever you are.)

When fussing, arguments, and chaos start in, Ed rebukes them and anything that won’t bow to Christ. You can tell when you need to pray for your home. It takes a few minutes to kneel down in each room of your home, even if it is a big home. I love to see Ed kneel before the Lord. I catch him praying at times. We both pray over the house. Often I find myself on my knees after my morning study with the Lord. I didn’t study this morning. I should have, and I will.


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