What I Really Think .2( From a Pastor’s Wife’s view.)


I believe God is not the author of confusion. I believe He wants order. I do believe that speaking the truth to each other is good.

Watch what you say. Be sure that you have read the Bible daily, and spent time with God before you bring up what is wrong . I believe we walk in the Power of the Holy Spirit when we speak with love, kindness, and gentleness. I believe being full of the Holy Spirit is often repenting for my sins, and for what I have said that has caused grief to someone.

I am usually there when the doors are open at the church. I go willingly. Often I battle in the spirit with my flesh, and my thoughts and attitudes.  Personally, I pray more, and read more because I am aware of the spiritual battles around us.

There are reasons why things happen at the church.  I believe if we prayed more, we would see more things that God will do among us. Many times people are successful in meetings, because they have found two, or three, people who will pray, and stop talking about things. Praying with the Word will give Power to your prayers.

I believe there is power in you’re talking to God about things, before you go talk to someone about the problems you see.

As a minister’s wife, I often pray over the services, and people who will be coming to the services. If I haven’t been in the Word that Day, I do that before I GO TO CHURCH. God wants me to bow my knees to Him before I see anyone at the church. I spend quality time with Him, because  I take the discipline approach of getting up, opening the Word, and becoming refreshed with His Presence.

The devil goes about seeking those he can devour, and a Christian who is talking without having spent quality time with the Lord will be a fire in the congregation, and cause strife, contention, and the wrong, attitudes to surface. We don’t need to be afraid of each other.

None of us are perfect. The blood of Jesus Christ covers our sins. I do believe it is time for us to be silent, unless we can build a person up in the faith. We are in a, spiritual, battle, and when we think the battle is the Lord’s, and it is alright not to have to pray…THIS IS DECEPTION.  We don’t have to be afraid to speak the truth.

God hasn’t given us a spirit of fear, but love, power, and a ,sound, mind. When we get self off the throne of our heart, and allow the Holy Spirit to sit there, we bow to the name of Jesus, and submit to Him. Self-control, bitterness, and anger has no, place in our conversation.

We all are called to walk humbly with our Lord. Part of that is speaking the truth with the boldness of the Lord, and His confidence. My best advice is practice the discipline of meeting with the Lord daily, and spend the time it takes to bow your knees in His Presence, and read the Word. It refreshes, and makes us loving, gentle, kind, and full of His word.

The weapons of our warfare in Christ are powerful to destroy strongholds that have built up in our hearts, and minds. Those strongholds need to be taken down, because they are harmful to the church. When you pray for those in your church, you can pray for one person at a time, and see the Lord move among you. Revival comes when one ,person submits to Christ from head to toe, and lives for Him .



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