Another Pretty Day for a Yard Sale.

Our church is having another yard sale inside the church tomorrow. I haven’t been able to go to the first, and second one, because of the infection I have had with the procedure I had. I am still having a few aches, and pains, but not like last weekend. We went to the Emergency room and I was given two shots for the reaction I had to the shots the doctor gave me. I will have to have on my records that I am allergic to the dye on scans. I can’t have the dye added.

Movies on television vary. At times I cut the television off and get busy with supper, or house work. Ed fixed our dryer. It dries quickly because he put on new, hose from the dryer to outside. the lent trap had water in it, and so did the hose from the dryer. This is why we couldn’t dry close quickly. I am glad we have access to the area under our home. We have often had someone work down there to help straighten the dryer, or something above. Now it works.


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