New Cars Have to be Serviced.

At some point, one has to buy another car, because the old, favorite will not go any further. Ed drove his car to 350,000 miles before it stopped running. It had been faithful to drive everywhere and beyond. So he went car shopping, and we bought a Ford. They have been around for a long time. This one was on sale. We make payments on it, and today was Ed’s time to go see how his car is doing by the mechanics. They catch anything that is wrong, and it is under warranty. We are not rich, but there was no choice far as what to purchase.

So what has he done with his car? Many pastoral things. He has given rides to those who needed therapy, and encouragement in mental, stability. He has taken people to their appointments, and come back to get them, and take them home. He has given people rides to church, and to their jobs.He is available with his car, because it is his car. I went with him to pick it out, but I knew Ed needed a car for riding on his own, and helping people. He has been, and he  faithfully gets the oil changed, and gets it through the new car tests.

We have never owned a Ford. I am impressed with the service, and smiles on the lot. I believe every time we come on the lot there is a smile from someone. Smiles go a long way, and I will say that when you smile, you really have that smile on the inside also. It is nice having a car that won’t break down on the freeway. Service is a key to maintaining the car, and yes it is one of those disciplines of life.


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