I Have Pills to take.

I have pills to take on a little, schedule. I must complete what I started. I am doing better. I don’t have the rash anymore. I need to take my medications for tonight, and then tomorrow I will have to stay on the regiment that I am on. It makes me weaker, and I rest more.

I exercised more today. I feel it is imperative, because this weight needs to drop. Exercise will help the weight go, as well as eating less than normally. I don’t have to eat that much. I can have three, meals a day, but I can hold back from eating like I have been.

I have dropped some weight, but I don’t want to drop it rapidly. I might get wrinkles where I don’t want them. So I am being cautious. It is a good thing to know the Lord, and to know that He has angels watching over us. We don’t look at what we see, but by faith we know that He is there with us. Angels often are around those who have their minds stayed on Him. It is a matter of discipline, and being steadfast. Nothing should move us from being in His Presence, and loving Him. He is awesome. He wants us to go along with His Presence, and Awesomeness.


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