We Often Have Popcorn.

We eat a good lunch, and go home to supper that night. At times we won’t eat supper, because we ate lunch later in the day. About when we would eat, we fix a bowl of popcorn. At times I call it Poppy Corn, and my family cooperates in making it. We are all on a low-fat diet, but pop corn is our snack. It is when we consume, and watch a movie.

We don’t add much butter, but it does make the pop corn flavorful, and good. Our dog will come asking for popcorn. We hand feed him, and he will take one bit of popcorn at a time. He can consume much. I usually let Ed feed him. I know he has teeth, and one slip could get my fingers. Also, I am too interested in consuming the popcorn. By the time we eat, I am hungry again!

After popcorn has been consumed, and we have put away the dirty dishes, I find time to slip away to the back bedroom, where I lie down, and sleep. Popcorn never gives me nightmares. It is good to eat as a snack, and healthy because it furnishes a little energy at the end of the day. We don’t buy the fancy popcorn. We get the bag of popcorn that needs to be popped. Our air popper makes it in minutes. There is nothing on the popcorn, unless we put it on there. I usually have salt, and a little bit of butter. Yum!


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