I try to Read Daily. This is How I Get my Peace.

I headed for the Den around 5:00 A. M. and I put down the time when I started my morning reading. I read in Mark today, and I have already finished this book. I felt compelled to read chapters 15, and 16. Then I read two chapters in Acts. I plan to finish Acts, and then I will be through reading the New Testament for this round. I am working on round 9.

It is a hobby of mine to read through the entire Bible. I have finished one time this year, and I would like to finish a second time. I don’t rush through as I read. I sit, to soak in the Word, and let it speak to me. Today I read plenty, and I found comfort in the passages I found. I got some tea, and water before I sat down. Then I came into finish what I started. My knees are fine at 70 years. I got on them and prayed for a while. I believe it does me good to find the Lord in the den, at my chair that I have been sitting in.

As I prayed to the Lord, I had my head on the floor, and I laid down for a moment. At this point one of my cats came over and put its paw on my head.

I moved, and said to him, “Charlie, I’m alright.”

He stayed by me until I finished. At times when I study, one of the cats will get on the study table, and sit there watching me. Usually he will go outside if he does this. The other day he didn’t want to go outside. He laid on the table, and rested while I studied. Do you think I read on? Yes, I did, with such delight that my cat wanted to be near the Lord’s Presence also!

Ed has noticed how the cats love to be on the study table when I’m reading. The other day, Ed spread his Bible open on the table. I don’t remember if a cat laid up there on the table while he studied. It is a wonderful idea to study at the table. I can look out the window, at times. I have Bibles on a table near me for references. I have other helps near. Studying goes right along with my favorite verse which I memorized as a young student. 2 Timothy 2:15.

Isn’t he beautiful. He is very alert. This is Charlie.

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