Daily Prompt: Record

via Daily Prompt: Record

In life there are many records that we can break. I wrote home from college, to ask my Mom to pray that I would be able to make the rounds in running around the gym. To get at “A” in this class, I had to pass with over 15 rounds around the gym. I wasn’t the runner type. I would get out of breath, and I had little, or no coaching in this running.

Mom was amused that I would ask her to pray that I could run around the gym for a good grade. She did pray, but I think this must have inspired her to send me a whole box of Bib of Honey Candies. I shared them with my roommates, and the rest of the girls who lived on the other side room.

It would be a record if I ran 12 times around the gym without stopping. I did. In fact I pushed to run 13 times around the gym. I might have made a C in the class, but I worked with the running all semester. I passed the class. I had to take it in order to get my Education degree. Maybe the angels came to help me get around the gym. Wouldn’t that be a nice painting!


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