Trip to the Emergency Room.

Yes, we went to the emergency room. My itching is spreading, and red near the pacemaker sight. So Ed agreed to drive me to the emergency room.

This is a different set up, but when I told the person at the desk that I had pain in my right side , up high near the gall bladder, she got me in a room, and a nurse person came in to talk with me. When I checked my temperature after I napped with the new medication in me, I had a fever of one degree. I didn’t say anything about the fever. I figure I have been too active.

The doctor said to Ed, “Don’t let her drive.”

I guess this is for the safety of those in the car with me. I don’t drive as much anyway. Ed, and Isaac get the experience, and by the time I come home, I wear out.

I did take a nap, without apology. I was flat worn out, and the medication made me sleepy. They gave me two shots, and a pill. This time I saw a doctor who wanted to treat me, instead of give me tests.


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