Supper is over. I have Yet to Take My Last Pills for today.

I napped this afternoon. The two shots, and medication I took did me in. We had chicken for lunch with Ed. Then he left for the church, and I went on to nap. So tired from working out my prescriptions, and having to go to the Emergency Room. My rash is still there. I guess the medication will make it go away. It has been there since last night, but I found the rash this morning after I had snipped my hair.

I try to keep my hair neat, but it looks different when it is dry. I have poof. I spray the poof, and it looks much better. The simpler the style, the more I like it. I cut my own hair, usually, because I can’t come back with long, hair if I go to a beautician.

One stylist said to me, “I heard what you said, but I am going to use a razor to cut your hair, and I will do what I want to do with it.”

I had just said, “Don’t use a razor. Leave my bangs to just below my eyebrows.”

Paraphrased, she said, “I will cut it my way. Shut up!”

So, do you think I went home happy? The hair looked nice, but she did cut my banks to two inches above my eyebrows, and she cut the rest of my hair in layers. I had worked hard to grow it long, but that was a thing of the past. It was neat, and pretty, but layered. The words she said meant that she was the beautician, and she didn’t like my hair. She wanted to make it stylish without my help. Do You think I came back?


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