via Daily Prompt: Murmuration

The root word of murmuration is to murmur. In this case the murmuring has all ready happened. I am a school teacher who is retired. I earned my retirement, because I taught children for 20 years in the public school system, at a time when there were fewer private schools to attend.

Murmuration stopped in my classroom one year. I taught Fifth Graders, and it was my first year to teach this group. There was no murmuration when I started giving rewards for high grades on the Spelling tests we had. I gave all of them the same chance to know the words, and to spell them correctly. Those who made 100 % on their test were rewarded. Most of them made 100 %.

That year I had a little girl who was borderline Special Education. She could not be benefitted for this class, because her score was too, high. There was some murmuration from her family because her score was high. This child worked as hard, if not harder in my class to pass her tests. I gave her no, chances, or grace, but she worked hard. Why not reward her? She didn’t go to Special classes the next year.

I told my class if I gave them much homework, that eventually I would have much work to do grading their papers. There was no murmuration on my part. Everyone gave me more work to do. Scores were higher on the tests, but not enough. I brought the children several grades higher. Some were still behind, but they made much progress. Murmuration had stopped. They loved to work, and we wasted no time in trying to catch up now that they were older children.




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