It’s the Attitude that Counts.

I really believe it is the attitude of the heart that counts. If there is repentance, and it is real, it will show. There may not be outward tears, but if someone is showing they want to find Christ, they will. I believe the conviction of the Holy Spirit is needed when someone does not receive Christ.

If you will pray for the person without  judging them, asking the Holy Spirit to tell you what to say, it will help when you’re praying. I was praying for someone because she asked me to pray about her healing. As I prayed the Lord gave me a word, and I prayed about this in her. When we pray with God about the person, He sends his angels to work with the person.

Then when I get with them God moves, because he has already worked ahead. I believe like Daniel did. Pray and God will give wisdom. At times it takes longer. At other times it takes some fasting. Daniel prayed about things, and he fasted often. Remember he didn’t eat what the King’s table had, but he asked for something else to eat. This was God’s wisdom.


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