It is Suppose to Snow?

It is getting a little colder, and the plans for tonight may include a light, snow. I love snow, but I like about 5 inches at a time! I don’t remember praying for snow, so this is just coming. We are surrounded with several mountains, so they may get the snow. At any rate, I have cooked an oven full of fresh food so that if it snows, and the power goes out, we have some things I can cook over the fire-place. We have it set up to cook on because one Winter power went out, and we had plenty of snow…..11 inches! The day before people rolled up their windows to get some fresh air stirring. The next day it was snowing, and it took all day for the snow to land with that much….11 inches!

Can you tell I have a plan here? I cook ahead, clean the house, and wait for the snow to arrive. I don’t pray for it, but I know teachers who pray for snow, and I know kids who are delighted when it comes. A quiet neighborhood gets still, and so quiet. No cars, trucks, or honking bikes go through on the way to work. Wow The snow comes down to line all the trees, and roofs in the neighborhood. Some people get out to walk to town. We did one year.


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