I Cleaned out My Closet.

Today we had lunch, and we came home from church. Normally we delay coming, but we needed to get home. I came into the bedroom, and hung my jacket in the closet. I have been organizing for the past three, weeks, so I stood at my closet putting all the jackets , shirts, and  pants together. It makes it simpler to find things when I put one, kind together like this. My organization skills had to be used, and since I have been trained, I use them daily.

I noticed a mess on the closet floor, so I took everything out, and put my shoe rack in where it goes. I put it by the side wall. Then I found shoes to put on the rack. I put a box down, and it holds things that I can find quickly when I need them.

I cut up the t-shirts Ed gave me for house, rags. I found another place for them in the kitchen. I continued until everything has a place on the floor of my closet. It looks wonderful. If I put them back where they were when I did this, the closet will stay organized. I feel better about it. I look at the closet, and it is coming along.


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