I Had Supper, And Then Ice Cream.

I had supper, and then ice cream. Now I am typing, and I have yogurt to eat. I am making up for the time when I didn’t feel like eating. I cut back, because I was hurting some. My gall bladder had no stones, and everything is fine. No stones! Wow!

Yes, I am excited, and I feel someone had a prayer meeting and mentioned my name. I asked for prayer. Well, I was surprised when the diagnosis from the picture that were taken today, showed no gall bladder stones in the gall bladder, or kidney. I thought all this time that I might have to have an operation to take the gall bladder out. No, it won’t be coming out. There were no stones.

My sister said, “We have gall bladder trouble…the whole family had trouble with the gall, bladder.”

Well, I had trouble, but the test I took for an hour, showed that there were no, stones. Yeah! Jesus! I believe something has happened. I could bet that there were stones, but they went away! Thank you, for praying!


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