More Options to Praising the Lord.

You can shout! You can turn around ! You can dance for 2 minutes, and raise your hands to God. You can clap! You can skip! You can take a tambourine a shake it and let it raise some noise to the Lord.

When I read psalms, there are quiet worshipful moments, and then David gets into high gear when he really praises God for who He is. His creator, His Master, The Divine, God Almighty, The One who appeared to Abraham, Moses, and who is Faithful. The Word.

I look at the Psalms, and say, “I will praise the Lord with my whole heart, and my whole being. I will say to the Lord how much He means to me. I will speak of Him in the sanctuary, and talk about His name which is wonderful. He is my counselor, prince of Peace, Almighty God. The Strong one in my life.”

Jesus has defeated Satan at the cross. He is victorious, and He died for you and me, shedding His blood for us. He forgives our sins, and wants a real relationship with us. The blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sins, and if we confess them to Him, and turn from our sins, He hears our prayers, and wants us to talk, and walk with Him.


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