This Has Been A, Busy, Writing, Day.

Yes, it has been a busy, writing, day. I don’t know why, but I gravitated to Rubies Corner’s blog for at least 3 hours of typing today. I have no idea how many posts I have written, but I can count on the stats to tell me. I have concluded that since I go for another test, I need to do my writing today. Then it is done, if I need to rest when I come back home. It will take about an hour, and I can’t have anything to eat until after the test. It is a test to go have the test.

So here we go. I have typed knowing that I am probably nervous over the test. I have had this one before. It is long, and I don’t remember too, much about it. It will tell if there is gall bladder trouble. I have had a few symptoms, but not much today. I am worse when I stand, and I have been sitting to type.

So what if it is the gall bladder? I don’t want it to get any worse. It isn’t that painful, but it can get this way, and I would rather have it out, than to play games with it. I did speak to my doctor today. She is aware of the tests, and she was hopeful that the next one will give some light on the subject. DSCF3099


8 thoughts on “This Has Been A, Busy, Writing, Day.

      1. Did you read my news. No stones on the gall bladder for the test I had this morning. It was over an hour, and I laid on this tiny bench, while a machine checked the gall bladder and kidney area. No stones. Can I hear you all shouting to God? Praise you, Lord Jesus!

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      2. The Light has broken through. The test was one hour today, and it was another scan of the gall bladder, and kidney area. No stones. Not everyone has this report. I expected to have stones, because I hurt last night. I would hurt when I ate. I believe God has helped me. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

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