The Discipline of Kindness.


I believe there is no place for rudeness. So you are smart? You should know common, etiquette on the internet, and when you are with others. Maybe this is why the person has come up in the writing world, without pride, and arrogance. It tells all of us that you are a well-disciplined person.

Kindness is a discipline. Gentleness is often looked on as a sign of weakness. I believe we should speak the truth with love, and that means go ahead, and speak it. Say it with sincerity, and not hot, anger. Kindness is talked about in the Bible. You might be entertaining angels.

Why be kind to angels? You don’t know if the person in front of you is wise, or not, but to give them a chance is making you become disciplined in your kindness. Discipline is good. It continues all your life. I still make my bed daily, and Mom taught me this before I could attend school. We all learned the discipline of making our own beds.

I believe saying what I mean is a discipline for me. I don’t like to say what is bothering me. I keep it in, but really, it is a kindness to speak the truth with gentleness, and love. At least I have a clue to what is bothering someone when they tell me right out what they can’t take from me. It is the way we speak to each other that shows me if I have the person’s respect.

For some, I lost respect long ago. For others, they don’t care if they respect me, but I continue to be kind. I believe in binding every spirit between me and the person, and loosing the Holy Spirit. I believe in praying over those who are mean, cantankerous, and won’t get along with me. Some are stubborn, and I am. I believe stubbornness turns to tenacity when you pray.


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