Tender Meat.

I don’t like tough meat, and nowadays, there is no excuse for meat being tough. I don’t salt my meat. I think this makes it tough. When I fix pork roast, I cook it slowly, and I wrap it for almost the whole time. About an hour before serving the meat, I take the foil wrapping off the meat. It may be old-fashioned, but I believe in slowly cooking, and wrapping the roast. I pray over the meal, and I bless it long before we have said the blessing. This works, because when we ask Him to bless the food, He does.

The spices are on the meat, and I do add oil. Not olive oil, but cooking oil. I make the sign of the cross with it. I would say it might be three, tablespoons of oil on the meat, and then wrapped. The meat steams, because I put a little water in the pan, and under the meat I put the carrots. They are hard, and they need to get done. They help with flavor. I only peeled one bag of carrots, but the meat had plenty of carrots to set on. The meat rests on the carrots. It has foil on it. Yesterday I used most of the time to cook the meat and potatoes, with carrots. It takes time when you go slower.

I peel my carrots! I don’t like to, but I peel them, because I don’t like carrots that haven’t been peeled. Peeled and cut potatoes go in with the roast, and the rest of the potatoes I wash, and wrap in aluminum foil. I have oil, and salt on the potatoes. This works. They fit in a pan together. I had an oven full of food cooking for a while. It is nice to have enough apples. I cut them up and put them into the two pies. The inside of the pie begins to leak onto the pan as it cooks. After a while, I take the pie out, and I know when it leaks, that the pie is done. The gooey mess on the pan the pie plate was on makes into a candy consistency. I love to eat this, but I am careful. I don’t want to have to go to the dentist.

We had two, apple, pies in the oven, one at a time. I mixed the apples with sugar before I put it in the pie shell this time. This worked for me. I make sure the apples are cut , and I pile a bunch into one pie shell. I put butter on the apples, one cup of sugar, spices, and the lid on the pie. It has cuts in it. This time I drew a face with my knife. The steam comes out the cuts, and makes the apples cook. I added the red-hot candies, and the flour so it would make a sweeter pie. I believe the candies make the pie yummy. Again, One  pie was eaten. We took home half a pie, and Isaac will have it for breakfast for a few mornings. Ed and Isaac had some when we came home last night. It was after 11:00 P. M. when we came home.

I still found my way to the kitchen to read. I read in John today and finished this book. I believe the Lord suffered for you and me and died so we could have everlasting life. He gave His life, and He rose again. I am glad. When I get to Heaven, I want to thank Him. I do now by faith.



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