One More Test!

I will have one more test to go through. It will take about an hour, and I can have nothing to eat after twelve, midnight. I am getting used to the tests, but I do want them to have a stopping point. I have a pacemaker, so some tests won’t be given. Tomorrow  is another day, and I have Saturday, and the rest of Friday to rest from testing.

I plan on eating a, healthy, meal tonight. We will eat on the left over pork roast from last night at the church. We have plenty left. I have some hurting still, and this next test will zero in on the gall bladder. They have to know if there are problems with it. This is much testing this week. Think of all the information that has to be read before the doctor tells me the verdict. I will be glad to get the pain to leave. At times there are pockets that cause problems. When the pocket leaves, then all is well. This time I believe I have a problem. We will continue to wait for the answers, and the solution. Thank you for praying.



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