My Computer is Working Right.

Isaac pressed two letters at once, and voila! The print was large enough to easily be seen. Why would anyone want small, fuzzy print! The button was the control button and one more letter, but I don’t know the second letter.

Have you noticed how tired and wrinkled some people’s skin is? It is because they don’t cover when they go outside in the summer. They go out with less on, sun burn, and the skin can’t handle multiple, burns. Age sets in.  I use Zest, but don’t laugh. It has helped me not have little, bumps that would form if I used real, soap. I am allergic to soap! It makes me develop bumps, and itch!

Nurses, and their assistants, should always listen to their patients. If you say you can’t handle soap, then come up with something else to scrub them down for surgery. Please!

If you have a complaint while you are in the hospital, tell someone. You can come home, and call to talk to the manager of a store, or a floor on the hospital. Tell what happened, and let them know that someone doesn’t listen when the patient clearly has said what they can’t have.


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