More About My Childhood.

My sister went to school, and I really missed her. I had a baby sister, but she was too, little to play with. So one day I decided to go to school, also. I went across the dirt road, and entered the school. The teacher put me in the row, and gave me a Spelling book. I was to study the words, and say them to her. Later I found my sister on the play ground. She wasn’t mad that I followed her to school. She didn’t know why I wanted to be there.

This was a 7 row grade school. Each row was a different grade. I was in Kindergarten, and I am sure I was smart enough to know the word “sister” by the time my teacher asked me to spell it. I don’t remember going over the alphabet. I was soon reading bigger books, because we moved to North Carolina. We left my beloved Kentucky.


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