Ed Wanted me to Break the Pie.

Two men have been painting the church. They were hot, and needed something to tide them over. There were my pies. I had just laid them on the table for the Wednesday night meal. We cut one of the pies, and gave them hot apple pie. They were gracious, and thanked me. One said it was excellent.

It is God’s grace that I walk in when it comes to cooking. I pray my way through it. I messed up on the broccoli casserole. I should have cooked it longer. It became watery after I cut the casserole. We were fifteen minutes into eating, and I took it out. It looked done, but this was like a soufflé. It needed to cook slower. I am still learning. Never try a new dish when you have a good meal so far planned. Hold your idea until you try it at home. That is what I have learned.


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