Isaac and I..

I’m his mom, and he’s my son. We went to eat today…at China Moon. We ate til we knew better than to go back again. I have a test tomorrow, and I didn’t want them to notice that I like Chinese food, but it was soooooooooooo good. We come and go, and we have memories of sitting there eating, and talking. My son is soooooooooooooo good to me. He never yells, or speaks rough, unless it is to convince me to stop what I shouldn’t be doing… too many sweets. He eats them less now, and so do It is clear, that I love Isaac, and he is wonderful. I am helping him learn many things, so he will maintain long after I am gone. This is why I have him drive me. I used to drive him. Now he drives me, because he gets experience. We have a good time, and we eat out. He is learning what I haven’t taught him. Smile.


4 thoughts on “Isaac and I..

    1. I’m out of testing, and just gone to eat at Cracker Barrel. Their grits weren’t right, but the bacon was wonderful. The test wasn’t bad, but I drank a liquid and then water. I will have to take the time to drink what I need to in order to remove the barium. It is caustic.


      1. Yes, drink lots of water and flush your system. Let me know when you get the results. Love you! Don’t worry!!!!!!!!

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