Count Your Blessings.

How many children do you have? Count your blessings. The rest of the song says to name them one by one. I haven’t named my blessings in a long time. One of them is that I have a growing blog, and that I write to several people I have never met. This way I can write whatever comes to mind, and you have a choice whether to read it or not.

I am counting my blessings tonight. I have a family. Both of them love me. I have a bunch of Jonquils blooming in my back yard. I love Jonquils. My dog loves us, and he is not a problem. He doesn’t chew up couches any more. He is good, because he has aged. I have aged, and I am better. Smile. I am not a dog, but my dog is better than most. He is good with people, and friendly. I believe people are friendly if they want to be. Jesus influences me to be loving, and kind.


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