What Makes Me So Tired?


I believe we need to watch what we say after we have had a good, meal, and during it. I believe the goodness of the Lord brings people our way. We need to have respect for each other, and not say what comes to mind. It may not be God’s choice of words. I can tell when someone hasn’t been studying the Word. They are full of their own words, and they don’t get along with people as easily as if they were watching, and praying.

Fellowship is important, but if your mind isn’t on the Lord, it will be hard to speak about Him to you. It will be like having a one-way conversation. Really. Tiredness comes at times, because it is spiritual, tiredness that keeps us sleeping away the day, and lethargic. I believe God opens doors. I believe we should share what Christ is doing in our lives. It gives me peace, joy, and happiness when I can share Christ. I would like to see this happen more.

I come to Word Press and write about Him. Smile. I love my audience on Word Press. Don’t worry about this news. We all knew something was wrong when the tiny,pain wouldn’t go away.


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