This is a Resting Day.

This will have to be a resting day. I plan to marinate chicken breasts and serve them with a coating over them. They will be oven baked. This with baked potatoes gratin ought to be wonderful. You make a white sauce, and stir in cheese until it is to capacity. Then you fold, or drop in and stir the cut potatoes that have been cooked to tender on the top of the stove. I believe in making sure the potatoes are done before I put them in a casserole. I love potatoes this way. This is filling, and you don’t really need anything else with it. I may steam some vegetables for those who don’t want to lose their hard-earned losses of weight. I will cook broccoli and carrots in the steamer. It takes twenty minutes. This should be a good meal.

So many are off sweets, that I believe I will wait on fixing a dessert. If someone insists, we do have ice cream that is fresh in the freezer. Ed can’t have the sweets, and I know of two more people who are off them for a season. I will try, but when I’m not fasting, it is hard to do without them.


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