The Footsteps of the Righteous Person are Ordered by the Lord.

I expect to go have another scan, or CT so the medical people can tell what is wrong with me. They found something on my kidney, but they need a clearer view. Here is where I ask you to pray that they will find the right diagnosis, and that I will continue to walk in His love and peace. The worse thing that could happen would be to have an operation, and that would come and go, and I would be back to order.

I belong to Jesus. I want you to know that I love to write to my audience. Those of you who know the Lord I trust will pray for me, and we can see His deliverance. Smile. Thank you for coming by Rubies Corner’s blog. I would love to see it come to well over 756 followers. I don’t know how this would happen without His help.

I trust in the Lord my God. No good thing will He withhold from me as I walk uprightly before Him. The blood of Christ covers me. I am trying to say how I feel about this news.


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