Taking Time to Rest.

I believe there are reasons why people seem to be irritable, and tired. They usually get along, but sharp, words happen because we aren’t sleeping enough. Sleep is resting without interruption. Then there is the problem of too, much of a good thing. If you sleep all day, then you won’t get up to see the sunshine, and the type of day. You hide from others by sleeping away your time.

I don’t. I get up early which may be like 4:30 A. M. if I like. I sleep 7 hours. Why not get up early? Taking time to rest may mean that I take time to study the Word. I am reading through the Bible, and it is the second way I rest. I believe the peace of Christ comes as I rest in the Lord. What better way to get rested, than  to read until I am sleepy.

When I find something to write down, I do, and then I continue reading. I use a sheet of paper that has the Old Testament books on one side, and the New Testament books on the other side. I mark it when I read it. I have freedom to read anywhere in the Bible. My goal for reading is to finish for another time.

I save the ragged little papers that show where I have marked off those chapter I have read. I believe in the Lord’s goodness. I plan, as a goal, to memorize more verses to quote back to myself. I plan to read until I finish. I should complete the Bible this year. That will be 2 times I will have read it. I never rush through a chapter. If I haven’t gotten something from the reading, I read it again! Hiding the Word in your heart is good for you. It won’t ever return empty.

I said two verses to Ed. One I already knew. The second one I have just memorized this past week. I believe in committing passages to memory. Storing the word in your heart will give you a chance to use it when trials come.


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