So What Do You Do All Day when You Rest?

On Monday, and Thursday I rest. I am busy at the church on both of these days, and church can wear me out. There is an excitement about being with God’s people. There is a responsibility. I take it seriously. I pray for the outcome of the meetings, and for myself, that I will show Christ is living in me.

So what do I do all day when I rest? I have this hobby. I read my Bible through in the year, and I try to read it two, or, three times. I read the whole Bible.

God says to hide it in your heart, and I do. It takes time to read through the Bible. I read it, and study it at the same time. I keep a notebook handy, to write down what I have gotten out of the Bible. I write down pertinent verses. They are jewels that I find as I read. It is a challenge to finish the Bible several times in a year, but this is my 9th time in trying to finish what I started.

Last time took one and a year and a half. I slowed down to study. The Old Testament is interesting, and it is longer. I still read until I have to stop. Resting to me means to get into the Presence of God and stay there all day. I work around the house after I rest, but reading the Word. I don’t have to hurry.


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