It is a Beautiful, Day. Spring is Sprung.

It looks like Spring has sprung early. It isn’t suppose to be here until later in March. Instead, the days have been going to 69, and that is higher than normal. It is beautiful. No rain in sight, and the grass is begging for a mowing.

My dog and cat love to go outside together. They are colored with the same patterns. Brown, black and white seem to be their motivational coloring. I believe they match, and they do get along. Our cat is so beautiful, he was mistaken for a she. The vet set us straight. He would be valuable, but someone has fixed him. He is a straight. The prettiest cat I have ever owned, although the other cats are beautiful as well.

I laid down on the bed to nap this morning. I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Sally got on the bed, and started scratching at my covers. She wanted to know I was fine. Eventually she left. I dozed a few moments. I didn’t close the door, so any cats could come in the room. I am glad they didn’t. I finally got up. I told Isaac I was up and hungry. He fixed me two eggs, and we had only a dozen. We go through eggs like you might go through paper towels. We go through those as well.

I believe this is a gorgeous day. I think after the mowing is done that the church yard looks wonderful. We will be in another yard sale Saturday. I don’t guarantee to go. My side has been hurting, and last night I noticed my foot is a little swollen. I guess this is all part of what I am going through. News about the testing should come today.


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