I am a Senior Citizen. I earned the right to be who I am.2

I was born shy. God called me to be his child, and I rededicated myself to Him at twelve. I was eight when I invited Jesus to come live inside me. The experience when I was twelve was a total surrendering that took a few day, and maybe a few weeks. I don’t know how long it took, but one day, I had the peace of God, and I had not felt this before. I was trying to come to totally surrendering to Him to go anywhere, and to be His child.

Being raised in a pastor’s home isn’t easy. We were in disciplined atmosphere most of our lives, and my parents were strict. The belt was just under the pillow, and they could reach for it at any time. We were taught to make our beds, come when called, and that delaying to obey was disobedience. We were spanked whether we deserved it or not. Many times the three of us received spankings, because one started it, and the others stepped back to let one be caught.

So what was the result of so much discipline? By the time I was eight, I wanted Christ in my life-like my older sister had chosen to do. By the time I was twelve, I gave my life to Christ and told Him I would seek fulltime Christian work.

Mom would say, “The hand of the Lord is on you, Ruby. You are different, but you are  His child. Walk with Him.”

That was the best advice I could have heard. I was miserable because I was different. I wanted a closer walk with Him, and I sought this . When I finally knew God was mine, and that Jesus was inside me, than I found a way to share Christ with others. This caused spiritual growth, and winning children to Christ was the result. If you have never won anyone to Christ, you should ask the Lord to help you win people to Christ. Give an invitation. People come to Christ,when the Holy Spirit is involved. Praying brings them to Christ.


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