Ed is Gone to Work.

Today is Monday. He works on projects that have to get done. Ed is gone to check on the painters. They are painting the church. Our painters came to see us yesterday at church. They added to our numbers. We had a yard sale on Saturday. It went well. We will have 3 more yard sales, and this way we can sell some of the things that we have stored in the side rooms. It is wonderful to have yard sales four times a year. We make a little every time, but we also meet people in the community. It is a way to reach out, and we do.

I plan on making baked chicken on Wednesday. I would like to serve marinated, and beaten chicken breasts. They will be tender. We will have potatoes gratin with the chicken.

At times simply going off one thing makes you lose weight. We serve real meals on Wednesday nights to our church family. I look forward to being in the kitchen. I will be if my doctor’s report is good. I have been having some tests because of my gall bladder. It has been acting up.



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