What I Think.

I was in the Word two times today. I needed to get in a second time, because when I read, I find the Lord, and the peace He gives. I have to walk in His peace today, tonight, and tomorrow. My side is hurting where my gall bladder is. I have had this for a week now, and it isn’t going away. I did go to the doctor, and there was a scan. I will find out next week…possibly Monday what is going on. I trust in the Lord with all my heart, but I know this isn’t normal. It is near the gall bladder…so I could be having symptoms. I have done all I can do for the moment. Not sure about tomorrow. I need to maintain rest, and peace.

I am learning that what I think is important. I need to give everything to God and keep it there. My peace isn’t enough. I need a dose of His peace, and I get this when I keep my mind stayed on Him. Isa. 61 is wonderful when it talks about God’s peace. I am glad that I have a community of people on Rubies Corner’s blog who will remember to pray for me. I am going through what could be tough if I don’t have something done about this gall bladder. It is not making me want to eat much…….but I love potatoes.


We should be mighty like a rose. Mighty in Spirit, and in the Word. Study to show yourselves approved unto God.. People who don’t need to be afraid, but who will trust in Him ultimately for everything. In this way we learn to divide the Word of God correctly. Jesus, Mighty Like a Rose. By Ruby J Craft



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