This is Still Saturday. Long Day!

I stayed in all day today. I didn’t go anywhere because I am resting my side. It had several pains in a row, and that was all I had today. They were pronounced, and not really too, bad. I shouldn’t be having this kind of pain at all, and I don’t know the results of my test on Thursday. I suppose the results will come soon enough. I have Monday, and I think by then I should know something.

In the meantime, I am trying to relax, take it light, and watch some television programs, and movies. I can just sit so long, and then I am ready to do something else. I did put in some washes, and dried some clothes. I have already separated, and dispensed them. I try to clean up my messes that I make on the bed when I pile the clothes there for each washing. Then I separate all of them at once. It is the easiest way for me to get done.

I don’t want to get  tired, and I don’t want to use my side too, much. It will hurt if I do. I still believe this may be gall bladder. I am trying to remember to drink liquids. I do fine in the morning, but at night it is harder to drink water before going to bed. I get up in the night as it is. So I drink lighter at night.

Tomorrow is Sunday. If I am not doing too, badly, I may go to see everyone. I miss my family at church when I don’t go. I didn’t go for the yard sale, and I wanted to but knew it is too, much for right now.

My side has been giving some pains, and it is burning a little. Oh, well. I can take my tiny Bayer aspirin, and do fine in a half hour.


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