Isaac is Still Into Candy. Art by Ruby J. Craft.

Isaac made fudge today. I have tried to stay clear of the kitchen because of the different sweets that are being made. He wanted to make fudge, and he did. He can make anything he wants to make. He tries, and if it fails, he tries again. I have a sweet tooth, but after a while, I back away from it.

My side is slightly hurting, so I am taking it easier today. It hasn’t been hurting all day, but I have rested more in my, chair. I must have the peace of Christ on me so I don’t think about things, and get my side to aching from the way I think. So I keep my peace, no matter what. This is good for me. I will keep my peace if I go anywhere tomorrow.

ocean-scene-3-by-ruby-j-craftIt is good to walk in peace, love, kindness, gentleness, and knowledge of the Lord. I hope to know Monday what the doctor found out about my gall bladder, and pancreas.


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