I Must Take Time to Find the Sun Set!

Ed and I used to find the sunset together, and I believe it would be nice to find it again. It sets when we are at the church, but we rarely go out to see it set. I love to watch the sun go down, and the sky radiate with colors. It is a beautiful sight to see. Must go. My side can take a little typing, but not a lot. I have been having trouble with something that sends out pain. I believe it might be gall bladder pain. I have been to the doctor, and I went for a scan of the site. Now I have to find out the results. Must rest, take it easy now. I get in the big chair, and the lever puts my feet up. We haven’t done this chair justice. The dog chewed a huge hole in the seat of it when he was a puppy. I don’t know if it was Silas, or Butch. There is to this day. We cover the hole, and put a cushion on the chair, and then a throw. Here lately I have been washing the throws we use on the back of the rocker, and the big chairs. So we see our furniture as it really is right now. A throw makes the room homey, and beautiful. I will get them back out.


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