Today is Saturday.

Our church is having a yard sale today. I can’t go to the sale, because my side has had some pain around the gall bladder area. We don’t want to make it any worse. So I am resting today. I can’t lift much, and I am relaxing as much as I can.

I didn’t want to go without writing you, so I am doing this quickly. I hope your day today is the best. I am praying for people, places, and things, today. For my church’s yard sale, and that the Lord will supply the money that is needed. We do many things with the money that comes in from the sales. I am usually there. I usually help set up, and I collect money with several others. I won’t be there, and it is a minus right now. I miss the post, but I need to stay put, and home.

So I had my Bible study this morning. I marked off some more read chapters. I am trying to finish Luke, and next I will be in chapter 19. At the end of the Bible, it gets exciting and better reading. I say this only because of the resurrection of Christ, and His ascension. I believe the whole Bible from cover to cover.

This is Saturday, and tomorrow is Sunday. Time will tell if I get to go tomorrow to church. Resting seems to help, although there is still a small amount of pain at the sight. I have no word yet about the scan that I had yesterday. I thought news would come right away. It hasn’t.  Maybe the effect of praying, and the weekend has made things change. I may hear on Monday.

In the meantime, the weather has been in the thirties here. That is near the snow degree, but there is no rain that can freeze yet. Snow is wonderful, but it is late if it is coming. Spring is trying to come forth. I say, “Let the Jonquils bloom, and let the bushes blossom. Spring is here, and there is no avoiding it, once it starts. ”

Yeah!  I do expect to cook the whole meal on Wednesday night. I should be fine by then, and it is my mission. I love to serve on Wednesday nights. CF2


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