Today Has Been Long, but Awesome.

By 8:00 A. M. I was having my scan to see if I have a gall bladder acting up. The scan took nearly an hour. I lay there trying to cooperate. The jell was warm, but the pressure was awesome at times.

We left, and got something to eat. I had nothing since 12 last night, so we ate heartily. We came back to the church, and it didn’t take long for us to leave. I stayed home the rest of the day. I slept off the pain, and it worked, because now I am doing well. Ed has been out and about, and Isaac let me sleep. I normally don’t sleep in the day time, but the gall bladder made me tired today.

I slept until about an hour ago. Suddenly I was fine. I woke up and I have been sweeping the den, and kitchen. Isaac has been busy making supper, and working in the kitchen on his candy. He made a better batch of caramel today. It is light, but I can’t have much.


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